Dave and I recently embarked on a new journey: volunteerism. This is something we’ve wanted to do for years but never made the time. Finally, we stopped making excuses and took action. After considering dozens of wonderful causes, we decided to begin as “friendly visitors” at a local nursing home, where we’ll spend time with people who don’t get many visitors.

Our orientation was scheduled for this past Tuesday. Before we went, I contacted the Volunteer Coordinator to ask what we needed to bring. She replied, “Nothing. Just come with an open heart.”

It’s been a couple days since the orientation, but those words have stayed with me. Come with an open heart.

I think it’s valuable advice for anyone embarking on a new journey, whether it’s volunteerism, a new job, marriage, parenthood, retirement or another path. When we approach life with an open heart, we not only make a difference to those around us, we allow them to make a difference to us too.

Next time you embark on a new journey, go with an open heart.

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