After last week’s interview with Sean Aiken, the author of The One-Week Job Project, some additional questions trickled in. So today Sean is back, giving us some more insight into his quest to find a career he’s passionate about…

Q: Over the course of a year you worked 52 jobs, which was your favorite?

SA: My most enjoyable gigs were the weeks where I was working with some great people. It was not necessarily the job I was doing but my co-workers that made the experience memorable. The ones that stand out are: Cancer Fundraiser (Princess Margaret Hospital Foundation), Pizza Maker, Fashion Buyer, Advertising Executive, and Brewmaster at Steam Whistle Brewery.

Q: In your opinion, which job was the hardest and why?

SA: The hardest job was Yoga Instructor. I’d never stepped foot inside a yoga studio. On Monday, I was told that by Friday I’d be teaching classes, so every day I took 6 hours of yoga, sometimes participating, other times taking notes in the corner. It was a very rewarding week as well. I had my doubts whether I’d be able to do it, and was a bit scared, but then it worked out great! I still practice yoga today.

Q: After all this, did you discover what you want to do with the rest of your life?

SA: I can definitely see myself as a Teacher, Real Estate Agent, or working with a non-profit. I realized that I’m likely going to have several careers throughout my life and that what makes me happy today might not necessarily be the same thing that makes me happy 5 years down the road.

Right now I’m really passionate about sharing my story and further developing The One-Week Job Program, which is designed to give other people the opportunity to try out one-week jobs too. When this no longer fulfills me, then I’ll look to something else.

A big thanks to Sean Aiken for sharing his journey with all of us here at Beyond the Gray!