This week we’re talking about optimism and the powerful effect it can have on your dreams. Today, fellow dream chaser, Dr. Terry Paulson, who is a psychologist, professional speaker, columnist and author of The Optimism Advantage, is sharing Twenty Tips to Claim Your Optimism Advantage.

My 3 favorites are:

You Can’t Win if You Don’t Get in the Game. It’s better to be doing something than doing nothing. If you start doing something, you are changing the rules of the game in your favor. To have a great idea, have a lot of ideas. You miss 100% of the shots you never take. In short, optimists are the first to get in the game!

Keep Perspective. Reframe adversity with a simple question—“In five years, will this matter?” Then get busy turning your setback into a stepping stone for better results. After all, if ruminating about adversity doesn’t lead to an action you can add to your to-do-list, set it aside and get busy doing something that does.

Serve and Be Served. You can’t sincerely help another without helping yourself. Whether you’re offering a smile with an encouraging word, taking the time to complete a random act of kindness, or serving a customer, you transform your own optimistic attitude when you make a difference for others. Where and how can you serve others today? 

To view Terry Paulson’s Twenty Tips to Claim Your Optimism Advantage, visit: (And stay tuned for a Dream Chasers interview with Terry Paulson…coming soon!)

Thanks, Terry Paulson, for sharing the wealth!

What’s your favorite tip?