Does your dream intimidate you? Does it leave you feeling too…young, old, inexperienced, under-educated, unprepared or incapable? If so, you’re struggling with the fear of inadequacy, one of the biggest kill joys when it comes to following your dream.

The fear of inadequacy is a major roadblock for dream chasers because it poisons you into believing that you’re not good enough to accomplish the things you desire. Most people combat this fear by creating unneccesary prerequisites for themselves – once I get my Master’s degree, then I can pursue my writing dreams OR when I get promoted to Vice President, then I’ll have the credibility to start my own business. This is an avoidance tactic and only serves to put more distance between you and your dreams.

The only prerequisite you need to follow your dream is the passion in your heart.

Babe Ruth on inadequacy:
“Never let the fear of striking out get in your way.”

The Fear Series is a ten-week series of posts that explores 10 common fears that dream chasers face.

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